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Joy Miller Screws Terrence Chan

I've posted in the past about a charity tourney to be played in the Playboy Mansion and how you could win a chance to participate. Well it seems that the organizer of the event, Joy Miller has her head squarely up her ass and doesn't seem to have any clue how to run a poker tournament, the power of the internet or what the meaning of integrity is. This is a story that has been brought to my attention by Bill's Blog and I'm going to direct you there to get the jest of how her incompetence associated with ignorant arrogance has cost Terrence a seat to WSOP and is soon to destroy her reputation in the poker world. Start with the post at Bill's Blog but all the associated links to this story are below.

Original Post at Bill's

Terrance's Blog

Joy's Response at Iggy's Blog

Bill's Response where he hits the nail on the head

More info at Bryan Devonshire's blog
(bottom of page) see comments for Joy's response.

There will be no justice until Terrence gets his WSOP seat. Hef, since this woman won't do what's right, show her how it's done and give the man a seat. Your name is associated with this BS.

Granted it was a charity event but if the outcome was of no consquence there shouldn't have been any advertisted prizes.

If you feel like I do, that at a properly run tournament, something like this should never be in question. Give Joy a piece of yor mind. joyjoy712003@yahoo.com, 310-621-7005

After writing this post I sent this email to Joy:


Show some integrity, admit you screwed up and award Give Terrence a seat to the WSOP.

Chuck Peters

Joy's response to the above:

terrence never got screwed. has anyone bothered to ask what happened at the end? i'm tired of strangers who weren't there giving their two cents, but since you didn't scream profanities/racist comments at me for the first time today, i'll give you the end.

William was slowing the game up considerably and we were trying to move him along. As for how the tournament ended, we only had a few options. It was either give them 5 minutes to play or to go one more round of play.

There were 5 players left when the announcement that we would go one more round was made. I know it doesn't seem fair to those of you on the outside, but we had to find a winner to the event. it wasnt held at the Caesar's poker room, it was the PLAYBOY MANSION. we had a time limit----the end.

Shannon was the short stack and had the button when we made this announcement. Hand #1 she moved in with a8 against aj and spiked an 8 on the river to double up. Hand #2 Shannon moved in against aq with a9 and spiked a 9 on the flop to eliminate a player. Hand #3 steve eliminated William to put him in second place. Nobody colluded, There were only 2 hands remaining and they both knew that they could fold out and win the two seats. As
for Annie telling Steve what to do she never influenced his action in any way.

maybe someone should ask terrence what he came in to the final table with. sooo interesting that everyone has wasted time focusing on ME and speculating about my actions AFTER the event. terrence didn't win, it was fair, and people posting/talking about me isn't going to change that.

By the way the whole basis for the tournament was to raise money for the uhi charity and that was our main priority. Everybody was encouraged to have fun, This tournament
was ran for the purpose of giving the patrons a chance to play with poker pros and celebrities while raising money for a great cause. That is just what we did
sorry if you feel terrence deserves a seat-he doesn't. but he's more than welcome to the prize that he won.

i do not want to have to talk about this anymore, as it doesn't affect anyone who wasn't there.
My rebuttal:


Granted, i'm sure your pissed because all of us were not there and it appears that it's none of our business but the fact is you were in charge of this tourney and the way you respond to this situation could directly affect how and if I and many others support this event in the future. I did advertise this event and promote involvement on my blog.

Changing the format of the tournament midway certainly gave some an undue advantage and is just plain wrong. If Annie was coaching Steve its makes no difference if Steve accepted the advice or not, it's collusion and would never be tollerated at any reputable event.

I understand that this was a charity event and I commend you for your intentions but if the financial outcome for the players were of no consequence then prizes should not have been advertised.

Bottom line, I suggest you take the high ground, admit improprieties took place and give Terrence a seat, even tho you think he approached this situation improperly. I believe all involved will benefit from this approach in the long run.

Chuck Peters

You can see from the above that Joy dosen't think this involves anyone that was not at the event. Think again Ms Miller. You may not want to discuss this anymore but I doubt you've heard the end of this.

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