Sunday, October 19, 2008

Election 08

November 4th is fast approaching. Besides the office of the presidency, many Congressional seats are under contest. Undecided on who to vote for? The PPA has compiled a Congressional Rating Guide designed to provide you with information about your congressman's stance on online poker. The guide is searchable by state and zip code. It ranks each Member of Congress with a report card style grade from A-F based on their voting record on issues pertaining to online poker.

Take advantage of this tool before you enter the voting booth on November 4th and let Congress know your a voter that cares and supports the right to freely play online poker.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Steps to License Oline Poker

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez introduced legislation Tuesday that would amend current U.S.laws to provide for the licensing of Internet skill game facilities. A fancy way of saying "online poker rooms".

The proposed bill defines "Internet skill game" as "an Internet based game that uses simulated cards, dice, or tiles in which success is predominantly determined by the skill of the players, including poker, bridge and mahjong."

Most see this bill as a major step forward in getting online poker legalized and regulated in the United States. Your help is needed though. It doesn't look like this this bill will be handled by the setting Congress or President. A good thing considering Bush signed into law the UIEGA in 2006 and would not likely support any legislation like this. For poker players, this makes the up-coming elections even more important. John McCain, just as the current Republican President would surely veto this bill and kill any efforts to legalize online poker. If you have any hopes of getting online poker legalized, you must cast your vote for President to Barack Obama in November.

The Poker Players Alliance is a great resource for keeping up with the latest activities in poker legislation. They provide a quick an easy way of letting your representatives know how you stand on the issue of online poker. Visit there site and drop your Senator a line letting them know your desires and that you vote.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Online Poker is Not A Crime

online poker is not a crime
In my travels, It seems that more and more people have begun to think that playing online poker is a crime. Contrary to what the Justice Department might tell you, the fact is, IT'S NOT.

Some states have enacted laws making it illegal to play online poker, but no federal legislation directly addresses it. Instead, the U.S government bases it's stance on an antiquated law designed to restrict the use of telephones to accept bets. So, unless you using a dial up connection, or live in one of the few states that restrict online gambling, it is not illegal to play online poker and you should help spread the word by wearing one of these t-shirts.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Have A Big Kicker

big kicker maternity top
Poker players know that your kicker is the highest card in your hand besides the cards that make your hand. It is your kicker that determines the winning hand in case of a tie. If any of you have visited the Poker and Chaos t-shirt store, you might be aware that we have a section made up of text designs of poker saying and lingo. I recently added a t-shirt design that states "I have a big kicker". I thought it would make a interesting design as it has sexual overtones. You know "Big Kicker"....anyway when I created this design I made it available on various apparel types for women and men alike. During the preview of these items, if it looks good, bingo it is added to that item. Recently I made a sale of a "I Have A Big Kicker" shirt and was surprised to find out it was ordered and printed on a maternity top, which cracked me up. Surely not what I intended when I created the design but a pleasant surprise meaning for the design anyway. So if your pregnant and your baby is a big kicker, you can get your poker/maternity wear at our online store.

Get your "I Have A Big Kicker" Maternity top here.

Monday, June 02, 2008

What Is Poker All About?

What is poker all about? The luck of the draw, controlled aggression, the flop turn river, strategic conservation, chips cards money, experience, patience. No, poker is all about you.......opps, how foolish, poker is all about ME!

Having suffered a major house fire that took all my belongings, including the computers that I used for updating this blog and creating all my graphic designs, I wasn't sure I'd ever get back to normal. Even though things will never be the same and some of the things lost can never be replaced. The fact remains, they were just things. I'm typing this post on a new computer that is much faster than what I had before, so all is not bad. I'm very happy to be back creating t-shirt designs and I hope you enjoy the latest.

Visit the Poker & Chaos store to get your " All About Poker" t-shirt.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Poker Player's Voter Registration

Vote 2008 t-shirt
Prior to the passage of the UIGEA, as I visited many poker forums and listened to table talk, I was constantly hearing players state, "Oh, they will never ban online poker". Well, it was this apathetic attitude that had created the situation we American poker players find ourselves in today. Even if you have no interest in playing online poker, please don't stand by idly and let lawmakers continue to tear down this country and destroy our freedom. I can't stress enough how important it is to register to vote in this November's general election.

The following is a open letter from PPA Chairman Alfonse D’Amato:

Voting is the single most important action you can take as a citizen of this great country. Speaking as a former U.S. Senator, I can tell you that people who don’t exercise their right to vote simply aren’t part of the equation of political power.

The 2008 election will be the most critical in modern history, and poker players like you across the nation must be part of it if we are to continue making progress in our shared cause.

Our nation is closely divided, and our recent elections have been decided by razor-thin margins. In this political climate, every vote counts and every election matters. Every single day in our nation’s capital, thousands of people make decisions about the rules that we all must live under. Your vote is the single most powerful tool to influence these decisions.

Registering to vote is the first step in the process, and the Poker Players Alliance has made it as easy as 1,2,3. Please take this important step if you have not done so already and register by clicking on your state below. Simply fill out the form, then print, fold, tape, and mail.

Thank you for taking this very important first step in the political process, and please remember to vote on your state’s primary election day and the national general election, Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Remember - If You Play, Have a Say!

Proud to play poker,

Alfonse D’Amato, Chairman

Poker Players Alliance

Find Your State Here

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WSOP 2008 Registration

Harrah’s has announced pre-registration for the 2008 World Series of Poker. This year marks the 39th running of the ultimate poker tournament and now is the time to make your reservations for this years events. Running from May 30 to July 16, 2008, you will have 55 different events in which you can win a coveted WSOP bracelet. Buy in for the no limit Texas hold'em main event remains at $10,000. You can find a complete schedule of events and registration form at

In anticipation of this great event, the Poker & Chaos store has rolled out the new t-shirt design you see to the left to commemorate this years series and the great Vegas poker rooms that host this event. The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is the site of this years tournaments and of course we can't forget the famous Binion's Horseshoe Casino where the first World Series of Poker Championship was held.

Monday, March 03, 2008

RedsRaiders New Gear Up Series

With the ending of the Hullabaloo tournament at Poker Stars, RedsRaiders is starting a brand new one. If you have never played a Raiders Tournament, this is the one for you!!!! Lots of Prizes and Bounties!!!

The “GEAR UP” Tournament format is Gear from the RedsRaiders Store!! Items such as Hoodies, Caps, Steins, Shirts, etc etc. The items will be shipped directly to you house and shipping will be paid. Also you may if you prefer a non-RedsRaiders item, you can choose something from the Poker Chaos Store!! They have some Great Gifts!!
You will also have the option of selecting a gift certificate!!! So many choices to choose from, how can you pass this one up!!

Place: Poker Stars
Date: Starting March 7th. Friday Nights
Time: 9:00pm est.
Buy In: $5.00 +.50¢

Running time will be 8 weeks. We will have a Leader board that will be updated after each game.

Leader Board will be updated minimum 24 hours following the tournament.
Also, If a player is found to be sitting out after 20 mins., their points will be void and players will move up accordingly. Disconnections will be counted as a sit out.

Passwords will be posted in password section of our forum.

So come and enjoy playing poker with one of the BEST poker forums around!! “REDSRAIDERS

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poker Players Social Networking Site

APCW interactive has just introduced the first social networking site devoted strictly to online gaming, a MySpace for poker players, casino operators and gaming site webmasters such as you and I. My first impression is that it has everything you would expect from a social networking site.

You are given your own page where you create the look and feel you want by adding a profile, pictures, video, blog, feeds and more. Just like MySpace and Facebook you can interact with other members and create friends.

Additionally, there are public forums where you can discuss the latest industry legislation and news. You can search the online database for not only posts but articles, news stories, podcasts and videos such as Weekly Perspectives produced by the sites webmaster J. Todd.

Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of what I'm sure will be a very successful site and community. Join today it's totally free.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Dead Money T-Shirt

Dead Money Collector T-shirtWith the onset of winter the Poker & Chaos store has been hard at work creating new designs imprinted on long sleave t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. This months featured design is "Dead Money Collector".

This design incorporates a classic skull and cross bones for you gothic fans along with an erie style of text labeling the wearer as a highly skilled poker player that has come to the table to collect the dead money of less skilled players.

More Info

Monday, January 14, 2008

What is Luck?

It's really strange how some days at the table it seems as if the universe is out of sync. Where the odds just refuse to vary anywhere near zero. No matter how many outs you have or what position your in, the cards refuse to fall in your direction.

It gets me to thinking about much bigger things. Why was I born to middle class parents? Why was I not blessed with some extraordinary talent or stunning appearance and if I had, how would my live be different. What would it be like if I looked like Richard Geer or Brad Pitt. Simple things like a trip to the grocery store, would they be different? Would I meet more people? would I be treated differently. Would I have a better feeling about myself or would I just not know that my experiences were being directed by my looks. Does Paris Hilton get the same cards I do? When she flops the nuts does she get action every time, where my opponents fold.

Exactly what forces of the universe control luck. I guess the bigger question might be, can luck be controlled or is what we deem luck merely a random event that does not know good from bad.