Monday, January 14, 2008

What is Luck?

It's really strange how some days at the table it seems as if the universe is out of sync. Where the odds just refuse to vary anywhere near zero. No matter how many outs you have or what position your in, the cards refuse to fall in your direction.

It gets me to thinking about much bigger things. Why was I born to middle class parents? Why was I not blessed with some extraordinary talent or stunning appearance and if I had, how would my live be different. What would it be like if I looked like Richard Geer or Brad Pitt. Simple things like a trip to the grocery store, would they be different? Would I meet more people? would I be treated differently. Would I have a better feeling about myself or would I just not know that my experiences were being directed by my looks. Does Paris Hilton get the same cards I do? When she flops the nuts does she get action every time, where my opponents fold.

Exactly what forces of the universe control luck. I guess the bigger question might be, can luck be controlled or is what we deem luck merely a random event that does not know good from bad.