Sunday, October 19, 2008

Election 08

November 4th is fast approaching. Besides the office of the presidency, many Congressional seats are under contest. Undecided on who to vote for? The PPA has compiled a Congressional Rating Guide designed to provide you with information about your congressman's stance on online poker. The guide is searchable by state and zip code. It ranks each Member of Congress with a report card style grade from A-F based on their voting record on issues pertaining to online poker.

Take advantage of this tool before you enter the voting booth on November 4th and let Congress know your a voter that cares and supports the right to freely play online poker.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Steps to License Oline Poker

New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez introduced legislation Tuesday that would amend current U.S.laws to provide for the licensing of Internet skill game facilities. A fancy way of saying "online poker rooms".

The proposed bill defines "Internet skill game" as "an Internet based game that uses simulated cards, dice, or tiles in which success is predominantly determined by the skill of the players, including poker, bridge and mahjong."

Most see this bill as a major step forward in getting online poker legalized and regulated in the United States. Your help is needed though. It doesn't look like this this bill will be handled by the setting Congress or President. A good thing considering Bush signed into law the UIEGA in 2006 and would not likely support any legislation like this. For poker players, this makes the up-coming elections even more important. John McCain, just as the current Republican President would surely veto this bill and kill any efforts to legalize online poker. If you have any hopes of getting online poker legalized, you must cast your vote for President to Barack Obama in November.

The Poker Players Alliance is a great resource for keeping up with the latest activities in poker legislation. They provide a quick an easy way of letting your representatives know how you stand on the issue of online poker. Visit there site and drop your Senator a line letting them know your desires and that you vote.