Thursday, June 12, 2008

Online Poker is Not A Crime

online poker is not a crime
In my travels, It seems that more and more people have begun to think that playing online poker is a crime. Contrary to what the Justice Department might tell you, the fact is, IT'S NOT.

Some states have enacted laws making it illegal to play online poker, but no federal legislation directly addresses it. Instead, the U.S government bases it's stance on an antiquated law designed to restrict the use of telephones to accept bets. So, unless you using a dial up connection, or live in one of the few states that restrict online gambling, it is not illegal to play online poker and you should help spread the word by wearing one of these t-shirts.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Have A Big Kicker

big kicker maternity top
Poker players know that your kicker is the highest card in your hand besides the cards that make your hand. It is your kicker that determines the winning hand in case of a tie. If any of you have visited the Poker and Chaos t-shirt store, you might be aware that we have a section made up of text designs of poker saying and lingo. I recently added a t-shirt design that states "I have a big kicker". I thought it would make a interesting design as it has sexual overtones. You know "Big Kicker"....anyway when I created this design I made it available on various apparel types for women and men alike. During the preview of these items, if it looks good, bingo it is added to that item. Recently I made a sale of a "I Have A Big Kicker" shirt and was surprised to find out it was ordered and printed on a maternity top, which cracked me up. Surely not what I intended when I created the design but a pleasant surprise meaning for the design anyway. So if your pregnant and your baby is a big kicker, you can get your poker/maternity wear at our online store.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

What Is Poker All About?

What is poker all about? The luck of the draw, controlled aggression, the flop turn river, strategic conservation, chips cards money, experience, patience. No, poker is all about you.......opps, how foolish, poker is all about ME!

Having suffered a major house fire that took all my belongings, including the computers that I used for updating this blog and creating all my graphic designs, I wasn't sure I'd ever get back to normal. Even though things will never be the same and some of the things lost can never be replaced. The fact remains, they were just things. I'm typing this post on a new computer that is much faster than what I had before, so all is not bad. I'm very happy to be back creating t-shirt designs and I hope you enjoy the latest.

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