Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Height of Hipocrisy

Here it is, you wonder just how bad the hypocrites in government can get. The federal government and the state of North Carolina, in their infinite wisdom, say that they are protecting me from the evils of gambling by not letting me play online poker or participate in a local Elks Club poker tournaments. In their opinion, poker is not a game of skill and is merely gambling.

It seems that playing a friendly nickle and dime poker game might lead to a gambling addiction. I might lose my house and begin to beat my children, but I can buy these World Series of Poker scratch off lottery tickets at $5 a pop until hell freezes over. Sometimes you just have to say "WTF".


RGC2005 said...

Isn't it just amazing how stupid they can be? State Lotteries can use the same scratch card infrastructure to let us play poker. Buy a poker card. Log into Pokerstars thru your state's lottery website and play.
Revenue generated.
A human being ensured a child isn't gambling through the cash register.
It is a simple as that.
If I can log into TVG or Hoosier Lotto to play scratch offs why not poker>!>>!>!>!>!>>!>!!>>!>!

desogw said...

well, they were completely wrong with their insights about the poker being not a skill game. having the skills alone can make you earn through poker, and that's why there are "professional" poker players. uk bingo, slots and lottery should be the ones to be considered as games that doesn't require skills :) that's my opinion.