Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More On Poker Ban

The Senate having passed a ban on internet gambling now awaits for the President to sign this legislation into law. The response from major gaming sites, mostly those British companies that are safe and regulated under British law have announced that they intend to stop offering service to U.S. customers once the President signs the bill.

Thanks Mr. Frist for protecting us from ourselves. You have made it more difficult for us to play poker online in a safe responsible environment and forced us to play at sites prone to fraud, more likely to be involved in organized crime, and that don't take any measures to stop children from playing. Good Job!

I can only hope your asinine efforts to help Republicans keep control of the Senate backfire and the people of this country wake up and send you and your crooked comrades packing.

Check out this 2+2 Forum thread to see the official responses of the major gaming sites: Click Here

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