Friday, January 19, 2007 is for sale

!!Notice!! Domain & Website
is for sale by Auction!

This does NOT affect the operation of the site.
ALL operations will continue as normal.

The winning bidder will receive..
A Fully Operational Website ( with a Cashier system
and 1775 member accounts.
A complete system to manage bounties and tournaments.
A Fully Operational Forum.
1775 poker players email list.

At the conclusion of the auction, the winning bidder shall provide full
On payment the Domain Name control and all operations will be
transferred to the winning bidder.
The winning bidder will receive the Administrator passwords, FTP/SQL
access info etc.
Along with the control and operation of the site, the winning bidder
will receive up to 2hrs of discussion and support on the current
operation and programming/design.
(Changes or additional support can be contracted at $35/hr.)

This is a fully operational website with 1775 members.
There are no bugs or issues with the current operation of the site.

This will be a manual auction using an email list to submit bids.

You MUST join the bountyplayer google group to bid.
To join, forward this or a blank email to

The opening bid is $100.
Once you have joined the group you may submit a bid by replying to the
group email address with your bid amount.

(It is a moderated group. Only members are allowed to see the
Once a bid is accepted, it will be posted on the group.
On January 30th I will start a 3 day going, going, gone count down.
If another bid is received after Jan 30th the 3 day going, going, gone
count down will restart.
When no additional bid is received for 3 consecutive days (after
Jan30th) the high bidder will be notified and asked to make payment using
whatever method they wish. (check, money order, even neteller or paypal.)

Please subscribe to the group and direct any questions to the group
email address.

To help make sure all bidders plan to follow through, A deposit held in
escrow will be required for any bid over $500. The winning bidder will
be asked to make the remaining payment and all other deposits will be

A bid of $500 or more will require a $10 deposit.
A bid of $1,000 or more will require a $20 deposit.
A bid of $5,000 or more will require a $100 deposit.
A bid of $10,000 or more will require a $200 deposit.

Good luck and happy bidding.

BountyPlayer Administrator

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