Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hold'em Radio Has Become...

As the song goes, you have to know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em. Well, Hold'em Radio of late has become the 7/2 offset of the online poker industry.

Billing listeners as the "Radio Pirates", it's self appointed Captain, Wade Andrews has gotten carried away with his title. In tyrannical fashion he has unjustifiably deleted forum posts that differ from his own drunken opinion and when questioned why, he has told the authors, if they didn't like it they could go @#$! themselves. This to staunch supporters and paying advertisers. He and his gang of drunks...excuse me, broadcasters, have released personal information of listeners on air, made derogatory remarks about them and generally reduced his radio broadcasts to annoying drunken rants that cater to a small clique of misfits.

It has become so bad that listeners have complained that they are embarrassed to have his shows running in the background when their kids and family are around. It's irresponsible behavior like this that will eventually lead to the FCC's involvement in internet broadcasting.

It's really a shame that an idea that had such great potential for promoting the face of online poker has turned out to do just the opposite. Hold'em Radio with its obscene language, promotion of alcoholic excess and obnoxious behavior have portrayed online poker players as exactly what the politicians want you to believe, that we are all degenerate alcoholic gamblers.

If you are concerned about the future of online poker, it's time to throw Hold'em Radio in the muck and express your disapproval. E-mail poker sites that H.R advertises and tell them, if their support continues, you will be forced to play and deposit somewhere else.

To read additional listener complains, visit this Reds Raiders forum thread.

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Sleepless said...

The site was good at one time, but now is one of the worst forums for online poker enthousiasts.... stay away!


I am sorry to say that I agree with you whole heartedly. I once had a show on Hold'em Radio ("Pumped On Poker") but moved to Rounders Radio for all the reasons you list above. . It's a shame that "Pocket Aces" were in the hands of a "fish". You get me?