Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Poker Chaos Banner Collection

I find it humorous how all the poker sites are constantly creating new banners and graphics for their affiliates to use in their marketing campaigns. They all seem to include, chips, cash and a couple of aces or big slick. They use lots of flash animation and plenty of bright colors. It's like they are trying to create the feeling of a casino all within a 125 x 125 pixel window.

Big breasted woman seem to be the latest addition ad exec's have chosen to incorporate. As if running your mouse over the voluptuous curves of a showgirl's photo is going to make you scramble to their site to deposit. Even Doyle's latest ad has Pamela Anderson leaning over to give Dolly a kiss on the cheek.

I, like many poker players subsidize my poker bankroll with affiliate promotion and have access to all the promotional materials. I seldom put up a banner ads for poker sites at PokerChaos but that doesn't mean I'm not tempted. When the text ads I put at the bottom of every post don't satisfy my marketing desires, I go to Banner Hell and look at what a circus a bunch of banners would create. Not that there is anything wrong with a circus. If your a clown.

Banner Hell is one of the largest poker banner collection on the net. For that matter It might be the only poker banner collection on the net. That is a collection with nothing but banners and no text to screw it up. It could also qualify as the most useless site on the net if George Bush were to take down

I'll have to keep adding banners and if you run across a site with more of them, or if you think you got what it takes to be the banner king, let me know.

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