Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pokerchamps Closes U.S. Accounts

Wow, I haven't been screwed like this is a long, long time. Here is the e-mail I received from Pokerchamps today:

Dear ,

As part of the recent upgrade, PokerChamps has performed a system change that begins the process of moving to a new platform. We have also incorporated geo-location software which enables us to implement a long standing and consistent Group Company policy of not permitting access to individuals in the United States. Affected individuals have until tomorrow 21st July 2006 at 12pm EST/5pm BST to withdraw funds after which time accounts will be locked and funds returned by arrangement with our customer service team. Please contact SUPPORT@POKERCHAMPS.COM with any queries.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your contributions to the PokerChamps community, and we wish you all the very best in your poker playing future.

Yours Sincerely,

PokerChamps Management Team

What a crock of shit this is. When Betfair bought Pokerchamps back in November of 05 support was peppered with e-mail questions regarding American players being able to play on the site and if we will be able to keep are affiliates and the response to both was yes.yes no problem. Guess what? they screwed us royally. David Yu, CEO of Betfair has proved himself to to a thief in no less than 6 months at the helm and Tony G you were the one that assured us all that our affiliate programs were not in jeopardy. Did you really have no advance notice that this was coming. If you were getting screwed by Betfair why didn't you let us know before they stuck it to us. Is this the kind of loyality we can expect if we promote your new site?

If your a non-American presently playing poker or sports betting at Betfair look at the ethical standards of the company your dealing with. If they well do it to us, they will do it to you. Many, Many people have been working very hard to promote and support Pokerchamps and the thanks they get is instant account closure, deletion of affiliate compensation and even inability to remove all the funds presently in there accounts.

David Yu joins the likes of Ken Lay and Enron and if there is any justice he will follow in his foot steps and drop dead. He needs to hope I never happen across his sorry ass.

The executives at Betfair have given you a very clear picture of what you can expect in dealings with them and if you continue to support Pokerchamps or Betfair you are a fool.

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