Monday, February 26, 2007

Beware the New Breed of Poker Site

The resent actions the Justice Department have taken are beginning to create the exact kind of poker site the U.S. Government says it's protecting it's citizens from. The legitimate poker sites and funding operations have slowly begun closing their doors to U.S. customers which is forcing the truly fraudulent sites to rise to the top. The kind that don't mind if they screw over their customers or break any laws.

Example number one, Landmark Poker. This sorry excuse for a site has kept it's doors open to the U.S. but is so poorly managed that anyone fool enough to deposit there is bound to lose their bankroll for sure. They have recently merged with Wingows, another site to be cautious of and in the process have made it impossible for many of their players to access their accounts. If you try to open Landmark you get a notice stating:

You are using an old version of the software. Please close the application and start it again in order to auto-update it. If you still have problems please download the client from the download page on our website.

With this notice you are locked out from any option but that of closing out and restarting the application. When you do this you are just caught in a loop as the same message keeps coming up. If you follow the next step they advise which is downloading the new software from their website, you get even more frustrated when you find out it's a dead link. Having not quite yet lost your patience you might try as I did and send a WTF e-mail to support. Guess what that gets you? Absofuckolutely nothing, that's what. No reply, nothing. Thanks Uncle Sam for looking out for my best interest.

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