Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tony G Screws U.S. Again

One of the first poker sites to close it's doors to the U.S. market was Pokerchamps a company one time run by pro poker player Tony G. Many affiliate marketers that had invested tons of time and energy promoting Champs got screwed in that deal. Shortly there after Champs actions, Tony G came out and offered to fill the void by starting a new site that would have the same type of rack back bonus program and would except U.S. players.

I personally balked at this offer but others fell for this low life's sales pitch and now after re-establishing their marketing efforts towards Tony's site, guess what? He did it again, stabbed'em right square in the back. Once bitten, twice burned.

From Tony's blog:

It’s a very, very sad day for Tony G. There are no options for me to keep the room open to USA players.

I feel very sad for all of you good folks in the USA but your government is very aggressive right now and is running loose. Neteller money has been seized from people that have done nothing wrong. Who knows if and when it will be returned to the people it belongs to. And where will the government stop in its quest to wipe out internet poker?

My legal advice is not to close, but the hosting company in Malta also wants to close the doors to USA players. I could still keep Tony G. Poker going, since I believe poker is a game of skill, but with the USA government on a rampage, happy to freeze the funds of players that only wanted to play poker, that will put everyone at great risk as we have no way to pay our USA players.*

I am just the face in front of the site and can’t do what I would like to do. My hand was forced today and I have no say in this thing.

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