Thursday, July 19, 2007

Latest Update From Sen. Al D'Amato of PPA

Dear PPA Members,

We have accomplished so much in so little time! Our membership has grown more than 500% since the first of the year, to over 600,000 members -- thanks in no small part to you telling your fellow poker enthusiasts to join our cause. We are well on our way to our One Million Member target, and I again ask for your help by encouraging your family, friends and tablemates to join the PPA.

In Washington: Things are moving and moving fast. There are 4 bills pending in the House of Representatives that are helpful for on-line poker and our members. We are strongly supporting two of these bills: Congressman Barney Frank's H.R. 2046, the "Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act" and Congressman Robert Wexler's H.R. 2610, the "Skill Games Protection Act".

Other bills include Congresswoman Shelley Berkley's H.R. 2410, which calls for a study of Internet Gaming, and Congressman McDermott's H.R. 2607, which amends H.R. 2610 with a revenue component.

In all, we have a lot of momentum, but we still need your help. I just returned from the World Series of Poker, where PPA hosted Congressman Wexler. We saw first-hand the growth and grandeur of the sport of poker, and we asked the WSOP players for their support. They responded in droves, proving that poker enthusiasts are dedicated activists.

As you know, we are a membership-driven organization and we need your support. We lobby on Capitol Hill and in state capitols to defend poker, but these efforts are not without cost.

We know you agree that poker is not a crime...but we need your help to prevent the coming of the day when the law says it is. Can you assist with an ante up of $5 or more and donate to the PPA, or can you upgrade your membership from an introductory membership to a full membership or even a supporting membership? If you are already a full member, can you consider donating an additional amount for the 2007 campaign?

Please also note we have a store where you can purchase merchandise from PPA hats and t-shirts, to PPA poker tables. Proceeds from these sales go directly to fund our campaign for poker and keep us going strong. Please spare what you can -- think of it as putting in your Ante to say you're Proud to Play Poker!

Senator Al D'Amato
Chairman of the Board
Poker Players Alliance

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