Monday, July 09, 2007

Tony G whines about posting of WSOP news

For those of you who don't know, Antanas Guoga A.K.A. Tony G. is a Professional poker player born in Lithuania and raised in Australia. He has risen to fame with his rude and obnoxious behavior at the poker table.

He has been involved in many online poker ventures. Once being the CEO of PokerChamps when they sold out to Betfair and threw all their U.S. affiliates to the curb with only one days notice. He also did the same to the foolish who followed him to his new site Tony G Poker.

Get this, he is now principle owner of which negotiated a deal with Bluff Magazine to be the exclusive provider of updates and chip counts, which he is posting on PokerNews. Now he is whining because it appears that the folks at are taken the posted results and displaying them on their site. He claims that he is the sole owner of this news and has copyright on it. Check out this blog post where he whines and threatens to sue the Shulmans, owners of

Guess what Tony, you don't own the news. You have copyright on the way you present it but the news is fair game for all. What is being done to you is unethical and slimy just like your treatment of U.S. players but it's entirely legal. If the Shulman's decide to stop posting your updates it's because they do act with some semblance of ethics in which you know nothing of. If the old saying "what comes around goes around" is true, be prepared, there is a lot more of this shit coming your way.

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