Thursday, June 12, 2008

Online Poker is Not A Crime

online poker is not a crime
In my travels, It seems that more and more people have begun to think that playing online poker is a crime. Contrary to what the Justice Department might tell you, the fact is, IT'S NOT.

Some states have enacted laws making it illegal to play online poker, but no federal legislation directly addresses it. Instead, the U.S government bases it's stance on an antiquated law designed to restrict the use of telephones to accept bets. So, unless you using a dial up connection, or live in one of the few states that restrict online gambling, it is not illegal to play online poker and you should help spread the word by wearing one of these t-shirts.


gtycoon said...

Cool Shirts!

The laws in some states are so out of whack with reality that they are ridiculous.

Poker is going to be around forever so the states might as well accept it and try to work with the poker community.

Renee said...

There needs to be more publicity on people playing poker as a fun pastime and nothing more... even wearing a t-shirt like this in the USA, people won't believe. Crazy world...

Dan da Man said...

Do people understand what fun is

Renee said...

Just checking back to see if you've posted anythign new for the week... hope the play is treating you well!

Flawlessgame said...

I agree, Many Presidents have been known to use poker lingo when they talk policy. Lincoln used a poker analogy to explain his decision not to apologize to Queen Victoria during the Trent Affair. Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal sprang from a poker sensibility. “When I say I believe in a square deal, I do not mean . . . to give every man the best hand,” Roosevelt explained. “If the cards do not come to any man, or if they do come, and he has not got the power to play them, that is his affair. All I mean is that there shall not be any crookedness in the dealing.”

F.D.R. played nickel-ante stud games—“an exchange of much conversation but little money,” according to Justice Robert H. Jackson, who played in them regularly—to unwind after his gruelling days managing the Depression and then the war. Truman had played as a doughboy during the First World War and kept up with war buddies at poker games, including during his years in the White House, where he played with chips embossed with the Presidential seal.

On the campaign trail, Obama has been known to play Uno with his daughters, but no card games involving chips. It may be that his advisers are being cautious. In some forms, poker, after all, remains illegal in much of the country.

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