Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Have A Big Kicker

big kicker maternity top
Poker players know that your kicker is the highest card in your hand besides the cards that make your hand. It is your kicker that determines the winning hand in case of a tie. If any of you have visited the Poker and Chaos t-shirt store, you might be aware that we have a section made up of text designs of poker saying and lingo. I recently added a t-shirt design that states "I have a big kicker". I thought it would make a interesting design as it has sexual overtones. You know "Big Kicker"....anyway when I created this design I made it available on various apparel types for women and men alike. During the preview of these items, if it looks good, bingo it is added to that item. Recently I made a sale of a "I Have A Big Kicker" shirt and was surprised to find out it was ordered and printed on a maternity top, which cracked me up. Surely not what I intended when I created the design but a pleasant surprise meaning for the design anyway. So if your pregnant and your baby is a big kicker, you can get your poker/maternity wear at our online store.

Get your "I Have A Big Kicker" Maternity top here.

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Renee said...

Ha ha, I love the t-shirt... Thanks for the refresh on the big kicker. Good site!