Friday, March 24, 2006

Adjust your weekend poker game

The weekend is here, time to adjust your game in preparation of the onslaught of donkeys and fish. I know it's supposed to be a good thing, all these novice players but when you get caught at a table full of them your in trouble.

No longer will your bets carry any respect, trying to limit a pot will be like trying to run off buzzards from a rotting carcass. You have to pay close attention to whose at the table or you can get in big trouble real quick. If you start thinking "He didn't really hit that straight, because he would have had to have played a 6/3" your gonna be amazed.

You have to realize the weekend warriors are playing with a different motivation than you are. They like the excitement of chasing that low card flush and hitting on the river. They don't care if they lose money in the long run, they just look at the immediate rewards. If they lose, it's just the cost of entertainment to them.

I find it best to stay out of multi-way pots with these fish and I prefer to get them at a heads up table where I can clean them one at a time. Be prepared for a larger variance, avoid the schooling effect where you find yourself surrounded by fish and you should be able to survive the weekends.

As a last measure, if you find yourself taking badbeat after badbeat from these idiots and you just wish you could reach through the screen and punch one of these fish. Just do it! Our friends at Part Time Poker have come up with a way to vent our frustrations. Punch-A-Fish

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