Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pocket Queens

I was at again just minding my own business when I look up and see the Hilton sisters staring back at me with those perky little........well you get the picture. So I look at my position and holy moley i'm on the button, hot damn but what, here comes a big bet at me....ut oh, I imediately go to the lobby to see where this guy "duckmysick" is from.....and oh shit, he's Canadian which in the native tongue of the Mi'kmaqsi indians of Nova Scotia, means "He who bets with large frozen kahonas".

This is not looking good but maybe ole duck is making a play with his pocket nines. Then just as i'm about to grab the mouse and click I get more action. This time it's a all-in from "Kasperoviz" who has my stack covered. The name looks Scandanavian but what region, is it...ohhh nooo. Danish or as "Cooler" calls them " a clone" because they all seem to base their play after that of countrymen, Gus Hansen who
is famous for playing any two cards.

It's beginning to look like the Hilton sisters have come to give me a gift of herpes and not the sweet stuff the Statman was hoping for. Ok, it's decision time guys. That's what sucessful poker is all about, making good decisions. I've got a good starting hand and I'm in best position seat wise. Most players at this point ignore all the info available to them saying, hey I've got pocket queens, damn if i'm laying them down.

I have a raise and a re-raise in front of me, but haven't been at the table long enough to get a good read on any of these players. The info I have on regional style suggest i'm up against less than premium hands but the fact remains these guys put there money in the middle for a reason. If it was heads up I would have no chose but to push but in a multi way pot it's only a little mistake to lay the hand down, another bus will be coming in a minute and a half.

Can the Stratman do it, can he tell Paris and Nicky to hit the road..........No, and as I click the call button I see the Dane with AA and the Canadian with KK. At this brief moment, a sense of dispair sets in and I say to myself, why didn't I lay the bitches down. Then just that quick my emotions sky rocket upwards as the flop comes Qs 10h 7d, Unreal, I hit trips, I've just busted aces and kings. Riding high the turn comes a 2c, man this is a very nice pot i'm about to rake here. Then the knife, one of the cards that you were praying wouldn't come shows up and stabs you right in the solar plexes. I hate this @$#%&# game.

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