Monday, March 27, 2006

Husbands Beware!

I used to kid a friend of mine whenever he was about to do something that his wife wouldn't approve of, which was quite often. Danny boy, if your wife knew what you're doing she'd cut you off. His response was always, yeah but she don't know where I'm getting it.

I stumbled across a site today that reminded me of Dan and his wife, a tool that could be a problem for any husband or boyfriend that might be spending a little to much time at the poker table. Have you been neglecting your significant other? Has she threatened to "cut you off " or sabotage your computer. Well beware of netmop then.

They advertise a internet blocking filter, that she can implement to keep you from getting into those poker sites you love so much (porn sites too). They claim It's tamper proof, I can see it now. Please, please honey can I have the password.

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