Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blogger Poker Tour Event #1

It was not a pretty sight. The goddess of luck decided to put me in a dead chair. The first hand of the tourney I'm in a late position and get dealt K/10 of hearts, I have a bet in front of me and I call. The small blind makes a pot size bet and I now find myself wishing I had folded the hand as I had no reads on anyone at the table. Patience, patience, its my new mantra but I'm just so damn hard headed it won't sink in.

I call the raise and the flop comes 10h/8h/3s which gives me top pair, good kicker and a flush draw. Here it comes, nasgotti bets 20xBB from the small blind and the guy in mid position folds. Ok, I'm pretty sure this guy has an over pair JJ or QQ and has me beat but with my outs I feel forced to call. The turn pairs the board with the 8d, damn some days you just can't get a break. Just as I figured, gotti fires again and now I am pot committed and have no choice but to chase like a dog. River is 6s giving me no help, mafia boy pushes confirming my fears that he has me beat, so I fold. No patience, but at least I had the discipline to lay the hand down when I thought I was beat.

Now I been playing all of 1 minute and I'm short stacked, I hate this game. At this point I decide I have to be very patient and wait for that premium hand and try to double up to get back in the game. What a joke, now I can't seem to get a playable hand and when I get something I would limp in with, this guy-dedmanhand raises the pot. This goes on for like 30-40 minutes. The blinds are getting to the point I need to do something quick. So I'm in the cutoff with Q/10s, I'm getting frustrated because these rags are the best hand I've seen in quite awhile. I call, it's goes back around to my friend dedmanhand again, which Is the tourney leader at this point and guess what? Yep, he raises about 5x pot. I have long ago forgot my matra and I'm now chanting SOB, SOB. I feel like this @#$% head is trying to bully me and without any resemblance of good sense I go all in. Well, ole ded turns over a K/10o against my Q/10s and with a rainbow flop I have officially become dead meat. A disapointing finsh in 42nd of 50 is not how I wanted to start but what can you do.

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