Saturday, June 17, 2006

Poker Blogs

It seems that as the bogisphere expands and poker blogs become more prevalent, the ones that are worth reading become fewer and fewer. No one really wants to hear the latest bad beat story, or the fact that a players bankroll increased from $37.50 to $71.00. The way to get traffic to a blog is by providing interesting content that gives visitors a reason to bookmark your site so they might actually return to see what's new.

As with most blogs, Poker Chaos has a blogroll, one that has become rather large at that. In Chaos's beginnings adding links, which is the foundation of the internet was a good way to provide content. Besides linking to other sites is a great way to get reciprocal links. That is if your fellow bloggers think your site warrants it.

With Poker Chaos's blogroll becoming so large, blogs that are worthy of attention seem to get lost in this very long list. I thought about doing some weeding so the better blogs might flourish, then on second thought, decided a better idea would be to bring these note worthy blogs to the top of the list.

In doing So, I have created the Blogs of Note Award. As I run across poker blogs that I feel stand out from the pack, I plan on doing a short post pointing them out and then adding them to a drop-down menu at the top of the blogroll. This will not only give me a list of blogs to visit but will provide a type of social book marking that I can share with you.

For the inaugural Bog of Note, I have chosen Wicked Chops, "Proof that poker is a fad and has been since 1829". What a great blog, this blogger devotes a great deal of time, energy and effort in order to bring interesting, well written content to his readers. I give Wicked Chops my highest rating and I definitely want it on my blogs to watch list.

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