Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pokerchamps Security Breach?

There is a new site that is providing tourney stats for Pokerchamps players. It bills itself as knowing your stats before you do. Here is their introduction:
"This site provides the most detailed statistics available on players from the best poker room on the net, PokerChamps

Data is collected from PokerChamps every 45 mins. and includes all tournaments played on PokerChamps except from Free Rolls.
Results from any tournaments played on PokerChamps since 04-22-06 is included in the stats calculation.

This site is absolutely non profit and is motivated from our passion for poker and is also our modest contribution to PokerChamps ongoing success, now and in the future."
Besides the Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame the site offers a search feature that allows you to find individual players and gives you the following info:
  • Nickname
  • Location
  • Date Added
  • No of Tourneys
  • Final Tables Made
  • Tourneys Lost
  • Profit
  • Win Rate Ratio
I have found this site to be quite interesting and plan on using it during tourneys at champs to help in developing my player profiles and will be adding a few abbreviations to my shorthand notes. (Read More on Notes)
  • TRN for Tourneys Won
  • FT for Final Tables
  • WR for Win Ratio
Now for the question of the day. Is this information an invasion of privacy. Some players I've talked to feel that it is. Most of the information they provide is public anyway by simply visiting the tourney lobby but the site does include your specific location which is more information than that shown at Champs. Which brings to question how are they getting this information. Has this site hacked into the site and they have access to passwords or additional personal information.

Maybe Tony G or OZ Loki, someone with an insiders look might be able to give us some insight. From the research I've done the site is not owned or controlled by Pokerchamps Inc, but is licenced to a player that I have seen on the site.

I know this site has been brought to the attention Champs and if they have some type of security breach I certainly hope they will investigate. Untill that time I plan on securing this info for my own use as fast as I can. Its the small edges that make the difference.

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