Thursday, May 18, 2006

Beware of Poker Tools Software

It now seems that the software gadgets that I enjoy so much have to be viewed with an eye of suspicion as they have the ability to carry with them hidden files that can be the demise of your bankroll.

The Rake Back Calculator, RBCalc.exe that was being distributed by a site called, claimed to be a program that calculated the amount of rake a site was taking. In actuality it was a Trojan horse that would place executable files on your hard drive and used a rootkit driver to conceal what it was doing, which was gathering information on your poker accounts. It would obtain your poker site user name and password and would then log in and play on your account against the hackers account and intentionally lose until it had captured your whole bankroll.

The malware reportedly worked on accounts at, Empirepoker, Eurobetpoker and Pokernow. and was discovered by F-Secure's Blacklight rootkit detection technology.

Checkraise has since removed the program from its site but this should be a warning to us all to beware of new poker tools software in the future.

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