Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A little Birdy Told Me.

Welcome to Strat's gossip column. I have it on good authority that there will soon be a new poker site in town. A professional player who has recently ended his affiliation with a well known poker site has decided to start his own

I know, just what we need another online poker site. This unnamed pro is apparently willing to invest his passion for the game, knowledge of the industry, and a large chunk of his bankroll in an effort to produce a site of note.

I have been told that a development and marketing team has been formed and we can expect a beta version within 45 days. This is quite a risk in todays competitive online poker market, even if you ignore the ever looming ban of online poker for Americans.

Just recently launched Jungle Poker has invested several million dollars to get up and running, including $100,000 in freeroll money they gave away last month. I stopped in there today and found less than 100 players at their ring games. I clear sign that online poker is a tough nut to crack without network affiliation.

Keep checking back, I'll post more information when Tweety returns.

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