Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Congress wants to ban my blog

I received an alarming notice from the Poker Player Alliance. I had known that Congress was trying to put a ban on the transfer of monies involved with online poker by enacting House Bill H.R. 4777, but today it came to my attention that the proposed bill will also require internet service providers (ISP's) to remove links to gambling related sites.

Whoooooa Nelly, back the freaking horse up. Are you telling me that my Blog will be shut down because it is gambling related. That not only will I be stopped from playing poker online but I can't even talk about it. Guys, this legislation is dangerous. It seriously stomps on our constitutional rights.

In the poker forums I visit the general consensus is that there is no way this bill will pass. That its not a threat yet because its only in the House of Representatives and would still have to make it through the Senate. This may be the case, but please be aware of how difficult it would be to overturn this legislation if it were to pass and keep in mind the bone head moves our Government has made lately. After this country's misguided search for WMD's, the disastrous response to hurricane Katrina and the apparent incompetence of our leaders of late. Would it really be surprising if this bill passed. I think not.

We have got to make a change in the way this country is being run and the only way to do that is with our vote. Please follow this link and let your legislators know. If they choose to vote for this ridiculous bill, you will not be supporting them in the future. That not only will you not vote for them but you will campaign to see that they are not re-elected.

You can read more and find a list of Representatives at The Poker Players Alliance.

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