Monday, May 01, 2006

World Series of Poker 2006

Its that time of the year again where you can win a seat to the WSOP via a satellite tourney. I would list all the poker sites offering satellites but for now here is the short list: "all of them". If your like I am and want a cheap way of getting a seat without the bother of playing a bunch of annoying sat's. In other words you suck at poker as bad as I do, but want to be able to brag about how you played with the big boys. Then you might want to consider the yard sale approach of gaining a seat. Click Here.

If you own a business or website and your looking for a unique way of promoting it, look no further. This young fellow wants to try and get your logo on national TV as well make you a rich man. Click Here.

At last and definitly not least, you can go to Harrahs the official site of the 2006 WSOP, down load a application and wire your 10Gs in for a reserved seat.

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