Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Poker Blog Giveaway

Thats right, a customized Poker blog and it could be yours, free. One that has been customized so you can start blogging and advertising your affiliate programs without all the hassles involved in learning code.

The "Beginners Poker Guide" is a sample of a template that you can win. Click on the image to the left to see the working blog. I was going to start a guide to poker for beginners but the truth be know, I decide it would be wiser to give away blogs than to give away my poker secrets, besides It's all I can do to keep Poker Chaos regularly updated.

So here is the deal. All you have to do to qualify to win this customized blog is the following:

  1. Sign up at either Pokerchamps or WSOP All In using these links.
  2. Play some raked cash hands so I know you have tried the site.
  3. E-mail your name and the nickname you used at sign up.

Both these poker sites have daily freerolls. So you can, but don't have to make a deposit. Just win some freeroll money and use that to play some raked hands. Its not my intent to get you to deposit but only to try the site as I know you will continue to play there just as I have.

Then on the 1st of July I will take the names of all that have signed up and drop them into a hat and pick a winner. He or she will receive a customized Blogger Template set up with the following features:

  • Custom template with original background or header image.
  • Side bar set up with 10 banner links.
  • 5 customized dropdown menus with up to 10 links each.
  • Scrolling marque with poker news feed or any feed you chose.
  • Blogrolling link list manager setup.
  • Stat Counter so you can track and analyze visiting traffic.
  • Haloscan comment and trackback system.
  • Keyword creation and URL submission to major search engines.

In addition I will give you my IM address where you will be able to ask me any questions you might have on creating posts or updating your template on your own.

This is a great way to get started in blogging or to give you present blog a make over and all you have to do is play some poker. So to get started just follow one of these links:

To sign up at Pokerchamps click here

To sign up at WSOP All In click here

Send your sign up info to: stratman4u2000@yahoo.com

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