Friday, May 19, 2006

Sabina Gadecki is New WPT Hostess broke the story Monday announcing that Courtney Friel had been replaced as the hostess of the World Poker Tour by a young model and actress named Sabina Gadecki but with no picture. Say what? Your telling me that the WPT has replaced the likes of Shana Hiatt and Courtney Friel and your not gonna show us a picture? What a rip off.

Well this of course started a two day search in an effort to find a likeness of the infamous young model and lead me to wonder if this young lady really existed. Apparently I was not the only one as quite a few poker blogs I ran across were asking the same question. Who is this mysterious woman? Of course my mind is getting carried away at this point with images of every Playboy centerfold I've ever seen flashing through my mind. With most of my resources exhausted I was forced to bring in the Cooler. That's right, I knew the raging testosterone of a young man who likes to call himself sexybeast could find this woman if any one could. Sure enough, one instant message and 10 minutes later I had enough pictures of Sabina to fill her mothers scrapbook. Google look out there is a new search engine in town.

Here is what Cooler found and thanks a ton to B.J. Nemeth and his great photo's
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