Friday, April 28, 2006

Cracked Aces

Pocket Aces, the Grand Poo-Bah of starting hands. the experts say you will be dealt this hand 1 every 220 times on average. This would mean if your playing online at a table that is averaging 40 hands per hour you could expect to see someone at the table turn over aces every 33 minutes. This is if there are 10 players at your table.

You see it all the time. Someone makes a big preflop bet when they are holding AA, which is exactly what you should do if your holding rockets and Joe Donkey calls with his pocket twos. The flop gives Mr Donkey his third duece for trips and cracks those aces right down the middle. Then of course the typical rant pursues about how the site is rigged for action and Mr Donkeys sexual preference is brought into question and it goes down hill from there. I guess poker being a gentlemans game is a thing of the past.

Calling a big preflop raise in an effort to crack aces is not a profitable play in the long run but if your just in the game paying for some excitement here is some info you might find interesting.

Against AA:
1.)Your pocket 2's or any other pocket pair are a 4.42 to 1 underdog .
(Pokerstove results: 81.548% to 18.452%)

2.)A/Ks puts you in as an even worse position as a 7.2 to 1 underdog.
(Pokerstove results: 87.859% to 12.141%)

3.)K/Qs doesn't help you as its still a 4.65 to 1 losser.
(Pokerstove results: 82.315% to 17.685%)

4.)Believe it or not your best bet at cracking those aces are with 7/6s, 8/7s or
9/8s where you are only a 3.41 to 1 underdog and this is only if your suit
is different than those of the aces.
(Pokerstove results: 76.967% to 23.033%)

The bottom line, AA is the best starting hand in poker, if you get it, bet it. If your up against it, fold. Your bankroll will thank you.

P.S. I created the above graphic. Your welcome to steal it but at least have the courtesy of adding Poker Chaos to your blog roll.

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