Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bounty Hunting

If you play hold'em tournaments I'm sure you have run across the situation where a player has a bounty on their head, meaning if you get in a hand with this player and happen to get lucky enough to take all his chips you win the cash amount of the bounty.

If you've enjoyed hunting in these type of tourneys your going to love this site. Bountyplayer.com is a bounty management site where you can sign up to hunt bounties on other players at designated poker sites. Quite a few of the bounties are placed on players in freerolls and anyone can collect on them, but if your a true bounty hunter and want to jump into the real gunfight you can put a bounty on yourself and qualify to hunt and be hunted in all the listed tourneys.

The guys at bounty player have done a great job of setting up the site so everything is automated. You just go to the tourney lobby and click "sign up" at the top of the page, its free. Once you have your user id and password you can gain access to all the features. The lobby lists all tourneys that have bounties offered. The drop down menus towards the top of the page let you filter the tournament list to suit your preferences. Be sure to check out the sponsor's links, these are the guys that make the free bounties available and you can find some great info on their sites. For example, Redeyed at Pokerchamps League sponsors a bunch of bounties and lists freerolls daily at her forum . Holdem Radio also list bounties in their forum. Both forums are a great place to find information, so join up and tell them Strat sent you.

Spend some time at Bounty Player. Look at the rules tab to see how bounties are created, claimed. and all about their reputation system. The accounts page features all you personal information, transaction history and funding options. I really like that they let you fund your bounties from your poker site accounts. If you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail Todd, he is one of the most helpful support guys you will ever run across.

Bounty Player also has a great affiliate program that can help you direct more customers to poker rooms with your affiliate links and can give your website more exposure. BP does charge a small fee to manage bounties but offers a commission for bringing more players to the site. Its a win, win situation all around.

Get on over to Bounty Player and start by hunting the free bounties on Stratman's head, but beware you better have some big guns if you want my bounty.

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