Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A sign from god

Ok, I'm convinced now. I was sent here to carry the burden. My bad luck is not just a series cosmic random occurrences but are a part of a higher purpose. There is reason I suffer all those bad beats. I can play with a new found freedom. Hallelujah!

Only kidding, I don't want to piss off the religious right. I just came across this site that lets you put up any sign you want on the church bulletin board. Thought it was funny. I'm sure God has a sense of humor.

Where I live here in North Carolina all the churches have bingo on Wednesday night but hosting a poker tourney would be a mortal sin. With the popularity of poker now, I just hope to live long enough to see "Poker Night" on one of these signs for real. Maybe an aggressive man of faith will get a vision on how he can increase his membership and it will happen. "Rake for god", I'll be there.

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