Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rest In Peace

During my daily travels I logged into Pokerchamps forum and found the following post from Ox Loki ( Forum Admin):

"Hi everyone,

Well its been fun while it lasted. The new owners of the forum have made a business decision that due to the recent low traffic at the site will be decomissioned.

Let me thank everyone who contributed to the forum. Whilst we did not get everything we wanted at pokerchamps we were integral in getting some things changed and I firmly believe that without the voice of this forum these things would not have occured.

Thank you all once again. I have met and made some great friends through Champs and this forum, and I thank each and every one of you for the support you all have given it over the past 14 months.

Say hi when you see me at the tables.

Best of luck to all.

Pokerchamps Forum was started by "Fenwick" a Swedish poker player and avid fisherman, hence the name. Fenwick fishing Rods are some of the best in the world. Fen invited a friend, Oz Loki to help administer the forum and the two managed to build quite a following with membership reaching 860 with over 4000 posts.

Around October of last year professional poker player Tony G. at the time CEO of Pokerchamps made a play and bought the forum from Fenwick. It appears now that Tony knowing of the impending purchase of Pokerchamps by Betfair, a British sports betting Company, was trying to capitalize even more by holding ownership of the forum domain name. Tony also owns from what I understand.

Since the purchase by Betfair, Pokerchamps and the forum have experienced a unexpected continual decline in traffic to the point we find the above post. It's a shame that Betfair screwed around and has made very little effort to promote or fine tune what I thought was some of the best software in the industry. I only hope that they will pull there heads out of the sand (I'm being nice) and make the changes necessary to keep Pokerchamps from experiencing the fate of its associated forum.

I'm going to miss the forum. Its like a part of me is dying as my posted words of wisdom, humor and occasional sarcasm are tossed into the virtual digital trash with no record of them ever having existed other than the memories of the people that endured reading them. It makes me realize that anything you write on the internet is kinda like drawing on an etch-a-sketch. Maybe I should print out my daily rants for the sake of posterity....Nah, get it while its hot.

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