Sunday, April 16, 2006

Do you suffer from CRS ( can't remember shit)

Well I do, but I have found a bit of software to help me remember those league and freeroll tournaments.

It was getting ridiculous the amount of "post-its" that I had plastered all over my monitor. I would register for a freeroll a few days away, slap a note on the monitor and get so used to seeing it that I would still forget to play.

If your like me and need a little help organizing and remembering those little things, then your in luck. Stickies is PC utility that is the digital version of a post it note. The cool part is that you can set an alarm for each sticky so that it will pop up and wiggles until you click on it. Stickies can be formatted for color, size, visible or hidden and the program is free. Check out the site, download stickies and start showing up on time for those tourneys.

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