Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hand history reader

I'm a big fan of studying hand histories to improve your game,. I spend a lot of time reading hand history posts at the 2+2 forum. In the past a lot of people shy away from HH's because they can be difficult to read and picture in your mind. I have discovered a new bit of software to ease that struggle and it's free.

Now you can upload a poker hand and have it automatically animated by the PokerXFactor (PXF) Hand Viewer. All submitted hands have a "discussion area," allowing you to describe the situation in detail, ask questions, and receive feedback. If you wish, your hand can be submitted for judging for the Great Play or Bad Beat Leader Boards! Registered members can also vote on the hand as a "Great Play" or "Bad Beat," but registration is not required for your friends to view the hand. PokerXFactor also provides a paid subscription service to training videos. Checkout their site it's cool.

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