Saturday, April 01, 2006

BPT Event #2 (Biggestron's Jokers Wild)

The second in a series of eight qualifying freerolls leading up to the final event with the winner going to the 2006 WSOP. The Blogger Poker Tour is sponsored by and is designed to give a blogger a chance to play in the big one.

Event #2 featured 57 entries and was held on April Fools day but the only fool I saw was a player named NutFlopper who gained this distinction with his "this is the gayest table I've ever played at" comment.

I had another slow start with no hands worth playing for at least 30 minutes. I limped in on a couple of hands hoping to catch a flop with no success. My starting cards were so bad that after the first 45 minutes I decided to start writing them down so I could post them here for proof but after logging a 6/2o and 6/3s I hit A/Qs and doubled up. Then very next hand got A/Ks and lost half my stack to 10/10. A little to aggressive I guess, even tho I was only a 53% to 47% underdog I played to strong to early. It was just not my date for lady luck, which seems to be the norm for the last week or so.

Even so, my luck was not as bad as DawgRoyal who heads up had KK versus Pedregulho's 10/10 when Ped caught a 10 on the river. Dawg you win my bad beat of the tourney award and if I can find out which blog is yours I'll be linking to your site.

My cards went cold again and an hour and a half in, I found myself short stacked. I decided it was time for the ole now or never play. I hold a lowly A/6 off in a late position and I'm hoping to steal some blinds, so I go all in. I get a call from the BB. He has my stack covered and turns over a Q/10 suited. Alright, at least I'm not drawing dead. The flop mimimal damage with two hearts giving my opponent four to the flush. Turn no help. River, #$%$#%$, You guessed it, heart flush. I hate this game.

I finished better than last week but still no money for Strat. Maybe next week.
Congrats to the Winners:

1.) PearlSnapMan
2.) freeroll26
3.) natsdad
4.) bergeroo
5.) vmavrou
6.) crACEy
7.) Skitzo
8.) bolcs5
9.) GmanIV
10) Papahun

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